Solar thermal collectors with maximum heat input: with our special glasses, you can get more out of the sun.

Take advantage of solar heat – the right way

With solar energy, we can generate more than just electricity – the sun provides heat, which we can capture with solar thermal collectors. This requires glass solutions with high light transmission. Our extra-white patterned glasses in the ALBARINO range can do more than that: their reduced levels of iron and their special surface structures ensure minimal loss of heat. Light is reflected inside the glass, so it doesn’t go to waste as it would with conventional glass, but is directed back to the collector.

Maximum yields: in combination with our innovative anti-reflective coating, we’ve managed to increase light transmission to up to 95% with a glass thickness of 3.2 mm and guarantee maximum heat input. The coating can be applied to one or both sides of our glasses, meets the most discerning aesthetic standards and is highly durable even in harsh environmental conditions.

Our special glasses come in different strengths to accommodate a variety of solar energy requirements – so we can offer you the right solution for your project. And our solutions are also sure to turn heads: our coatings not only improve the performance of your solar thermal collectors, but if desired can also enhance the appearance of your property.

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The special structure minimises glare to 3,500 cd/m² and increases efficiency by 2 to 10% in the laminated module, making it suitable for any applications which require a powerful anti-glare effect. Plus, particles of dirt and dust are washed away by rainwater thanks to the unique structure.

ALBARINO S Matt/Prisma

Our extra-white patterned glass is matt on the front, with a somewhat more pronounced structure on the laminated side. The more pronounced structure offers the ideal foundation for lamination and thus composite applications in PV modules.


This glass has a finer structure than ALBARINO S and can also be installed in exterior walls. Due to the reduced structure depth, the glass can also be paired with a frame.


Thanks to lower levels of iron oxide, this float glass is extremely transparent, has almost no colour of its own and offers outstanding transmission properties. It also boasts extraordinary aesthetic and visual characteristics.

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