If you’re interested in manufacturing efficient PV modules, then you’re going to need high-tech glass. Here you can find just the right solution for your project.

Maximum energy generation with ALBARINO

For photovoltaic modules with optimal energy yields, we’ve developed the ultra-clear, patterned ALBARINO glass. Its structure reflects the sunlight inside the glass, so that it doesn’t go to waste as it would with conventional glass, but is directed back to the solar cells. This special glass has made a name for itself particularly in the fields of thin-film modules, crystalline silicon modules and solar thermal applications.

Another benefit: with our innovative anti-reflective coating, we’ve managed to further optimise light transmission in the spectral range which is important for the high quantum efficiency of solar cells. Our glasses can be coated for use in PV modules and thus increase efficiency by up to 2.5%. The design meets the most discerning aesthetic standards and boasts high durability even in harsh environmental conditions.

We’ve developed a variety of glass solutions to accommodate a whole host of photovoltaic applications. Our ALBARINO range is suitable for smaller solar modules on homes, large field modules and special applications such as airports. We can also work with you to fine-tune our solutions and draw on the experience of other SAINT-GOBAIN projects in an effort to continuously improve the future of solar energy in the fields of module technology and building services engineering.

Your benefit: We can offer you comprehensive services and always perfectly coordinated complete solutions, all from a single supplier. From the manufacture of low-iron patterned and flat glass to transformation and enhancement, we coordinate every step with you in order to find the optimal solution for you.

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The special structure minimises glare to 3,500 cd/m² and increases efficiency by 2 to 10% in the laminated module, making it suitable for any applications which require a powerful anti-glare effect. Plus, particles of dirt and dust are washed away by rainwater thanks to the unique structure.

ALBARINO S Matt/Prisma

Our extra-white patterned glass is matt on the front, with a somewhat more pronounced structure on the laminated side. The more pronounced structure offers the ideal foundation for lamination and thus composite applications in PV modules.


This glass has a finer structure than ALBARINO S and can also be installed in exterior walls. Due to the reduced structure depth, the glass can also be paired with a frame.


The elegant, practical solution for many areas of architecture: with a satin finish on one side, the glass boasts a high degree of light transmission and outstanding glare protection. Its satin finish also keeps fingerprints at bay. A variety of coating techniques can be used to enhance the glass, making it not only functional, but also a design element.


Thanks to its low levels of iron oxide, this extra-clear float glass is extremely transparent, has almost no colour of its own and offers outstanding transmission properties. It also boasts extraordinary aesthetic and visual characteristics.


The clear, highly transparent float glass is primarily used on the back of glass-glass modules or thin-film modules. It comes in a variety of thicknesses and can also be perforated, tempered and bevelled.

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